Categories button is not shown in /categories page

I am a new discourse user and I have an admin rights in community.
An issue appeared with “Categories” button. It is not shown in /categories page.

Not sure if it’s related but I already added categories to top menu.

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Hello and welcome @DeanGibbs :slight_smile:

The first item in the top menu list dictates the homepage. So the Category page is the one that is showing. If you flick to Latest or Top you’ll see the Category option appear in the navigation so you can return to that view once more. :+1:


I think you might misunderstood me :slight_smile:
My issue is that “Categories” button is not appearing in /categories page.

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Hey Dean,

Could you explain why you need a button to navigate to the categories page from the categories page?

Won’t it confuse users to have a button which doesn’t do anything?


Hello Dean,

I understand why you asking it and yeah it is a little bit odd because the other pages like /latest, /top etc… are working a different way. On those pages the navigation item is appears and active while you on the page.

I think this is because originally Categories is the default homepage on Discourse and as homepage the Categories navigation item is unnecessary when you are on homepage. But I think when it is not the homepage than that would be nice if the navigation item is not disappear, just like on the other pages…Latest, Top, New, Unread etc…

However on mobile view it maybe more confused as it shows Latest while you are on Categories page too.

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I asked around just to double-check, and it turns out ‘categories’ is not a contextual navigation button after all. :partying_face: :slight_smile:

This should add it back in again if you update to latest. :+1:

(and it will correctly label the mobile dropdown too :tada::balloon:)