Category link missing at top of forum

Sometime between 9:15am CT & 12:30pm CT yesterday (June 2), we lost the Category link at the top of our forum. I checked with the Anime Network people and they said they have not been tinkering around with it, so wondering if something happened from the Discourse side.

Before and after screenshots:


I use the Categories often to update the Main Page. Can we get this back? I notice that this Meta site no longer has the “categories” on the Main page either.

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Keyboard short cut gc will take you there.

There is a site setting that controls those menus. I thnk its called top menu.

You can check the system logs to see if someone changed it.


Not an Admin, so I’ll have to find someone to look.

Also not a computer person, “gc” with some other key?

Just type it (except when you’re composing a message) and type a ? to see all the shortcuts.

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A little belated, but just to round this off… This was fixed in: :partying_face: