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Added feature request and link to it in the first post

The recent update that includes new actions for moderators have completely broken our plugin unfortunately.

Even disabling it, it will cause some issues with timer-based moderation actions so the suggested action is to comment out the line in your app.yml file and rebuild until we manage to fix it.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello :wave:
I wonder if there is any progress on this plugin, I would like to install it on my forum instance?

Unfortunately, with the holidays and previously work related commitments, me and the other guy that are working on this, didn’t have the time to check.

I am going to add that the fact that an update completely changed something under the hood kinda bummed us out, as we had just finished bashing our heads against the code to understand how to implement what we wanted.

There is a feature request open for implementing what we did in the core, maybe give your vote to that as well and write something there.

The best option would be always that these features are implemented into discourse itself rather than a plugin.

The source is open anyway, so if you or someone you know want to help and fix what is not working, PRs are welcome.