Category Moderators Must Approve Own Posts?

We are trying out category moderators in a category which requires review. We created a group specifically to moderate this category. They are able to approve posts.

But even their own posts/topics require review!? Surely this doesn’t make sense, since they can approve their own posts. So why place them under review?

I bet we have something configured wrong, thanks for help.

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There was a bug in Discourse that was adding category moderator’s posts to the review queue in categories that required approval to create posts. That issue was fixed a few days ago by this commit:

If your site isn’t on the latest version of Discourse, can you try updating it and see if that fixes the issue? If you are running into the issue on the latest version of Discourse, let us know.


Would you guys consider backporting this to a stable version?

I imagine not, but will check with the team. We generally only backport security fixes and major, large impact bug fixes. While approving one’s own posts is certainly annoying, it’s not major, large impact.

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Hey John,

Engineering approved this for backporting, and that is now complete. Update your site (we did not push a new release) for the change to take effect.


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