Category that unlists topics by default

Does this plugin exist?

We do all our company’s support in public, but I’m trying to set up an additional support category for a “VIP” group of customers that don’t want their posts shown in public, including to other VIP’s in the group.

I could just set up a VIP-Support group and allow PMs, but if the group name was made public non-VIPs would gain access, and of course we can’t have that :roll_eyes:

Any ideas?

Group PMs is the way you do this


You can make groups visible and messagable only to group members. So just don’t make the group name public?

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It would be interesting to have a category that would also archive. Sort of like a Leader sort of Lounge. Like the Regular lounge but for Leaders.

If you want a lounge for leaders, then you make a category that is available only to leaders, just like lounge. Right?


If the VIPs were in the same group as staff, it would break this, no?

Thanks Sam

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I don’t know I am not a moderator of the forum I am on.