Change login link param (return_path)

I’ve implemented DiscourseConnect in my forum with success, but now I need to display terms of service.
My idea was to show a modal with terms and an accept button, something like a cookie consent), but I couldn’t find that option (plugin) so I must create a workaround.

Let me describe my idea:

Currently, when someone enters my website, let’s call it he sees the login button in the top right corner.
When he clicks on the login button he is redirected to, then he is redirected to my custom login page and after successful login in he return to the forum.
I want to return the user to a different place, so ideally I’d like to redirect the user to
I know I can create a link, but how can I change the login button on the forum so it will have a specific value in return_path (always the same)?
Is there a global option for that?
I’m aware this value reflects the current place where the user is on the forum (so he can get back to the same please when he logs in), but can this be changed?

I don’t know how to help with the solution that you’ve proposed, but perhaps this will help: Discourse Cookie Consent Banner (If it doesn’t help, I’m sorry. It’s my best guess and you’ve waited what must feel like an eternity.)

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