Change owner - no space typing allowed


I had an issue with “Change owner”… it was loosing focus when we opened the dialog to change… so it was required to “click” in the edit box, to start typing.

More details here, in this closed topic: Change owner - no focus anymore on text box

But now, i noticed a small issue…
I can continue this way, no problems, but just would like to let you know guys.

Before: when I was changing the owner of a topic/post, i simply typed the name. And, before, i could even look for the name. And some names had space (" ").

Later: when I am changing the owner, if I type space, it delete all.
Probably this behavior is because username do not allow space, so why would space be here? Ok, make sense, but there are some cases when the space helped.
For example, some user with username = “S3_456Gm-T” … and name “Roberto Carlos”. Before, i was able to type “Roberto C” and “S3_456Gm-T - Roberto Carlos” was there for me to select.

As I said, no big issue, just would like to let you know guys. :wink:

Important: I believe it’s not related to the change to put focus on editbox. Because, few weeks ago, focus was still an issue, but i was able to type space.