Why do official plugin topics auto-delete responses?

I just had a feature request for a plugin and wanted to see if anyone else had requested it already. Unfortunately the original spec thread is closed and the plugin thread itself auto-deletes responses after a month. I first of all found that choice to be extremely weird, since it means that there is no central place to discuss the plugin ongoingly, and thus feature requests (at the least) are lost and inevitably repeated. But then I also noticed it appears to be only the official plugin topics that do this.

What is the logic here? Is it preferable that feature requests (or bugs, for that matter) are posted to the Support category, or something? If not, what of the lost discussion and context, that likely ensures feature requests are repeated? What is the harm in maintaining old discussion associated with the plugin topic itself? I’m sure there’s a good reason, I just don’t get it, and I haven’t found a clear explanation anywhere (you’d think it’d be in the About the Plugin category topic if anywhere).

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Support requests for that plugin go in the category #support and should be tagged with #voting. Feature requests can go into #feature and be tagged #voting like Topics tagged voting.


Ah I see, thanks for the quick response. So if I understand correctly, every official Plugin gets its own tag here?

Is there a place that this is described so that people, er, know how and where to ask about official plugins? If not, I suggest it be added to the About the Plugin category topic, or be noted in some footer or other standard place within each official plugin topic. Because it is otherwise not intuitive, especially given that non-official plugin discussions work differently.

Since I’ve already made a feature request post as a reply to the plugin topic, would you be able to move it to a separate Topic in Feature Requests, as you describe above?