Changing direction of invititaion email templates for rtl languages

(Pad Pors) #1

Continuing the discussion from Emails for rtl languages have ltr direction:

I think invitation emails are an important touch point as they are somehow like your suits for a party!

I know the name of the invitation email templates are :

  • invite_forum_mailer
  • custom_invite_mailer
  • invite_mailer
  • custom_invite_forum_mailer
  • user_notifications.user_invited_to_topic
  • user_notifications.user_invited_to_private_message_pm

but I don’t know where email templates are:

may someone familiar with the codes show @hnaseri the email templates, so that he can change their direction for rtl languages?

If I want to change font in the emails, is it related to discourse or the mail service?
(Eli the Bearded) #2

I think you want these:

discourse/app/views/email at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub  

Although changing them for rtl might involve code, too. The code is here:

discourse/app/mailers at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub  

(Hosein Naseri) #3

I changed something in these templates and tested in dev environment. But the email didn’t change. Are you sure these are the right files?

(Eli the Bearded) #4

Nope, not sure. Did the source code of the received mail look like the template you changed? Checking source to an on-hand piece of Discourse mail I have, it looks like there is at least one other template location used in mail outside of the views/email directory, these digest ones:

And corresponding text part:

(Hosein Naseri) #5

the template seems its for the email I tested. However I added somthing in it and it didnt change the output. So I’m not sure how it works.

btw the digest email template you mentioned is previously corrected for RTL languages by me.