Changing discobot name

Is changing discobot’s name broken for anyone else in 2.8.2? I followed these tips, but once I change the name it stops responding. Don’t really know where to start troubleshooting. Thoughts?


I have just changed the name of discobot on my test site, and it responds to the new name okay:

All I did for this was change Discobot’s username in its user profile preferences and Save Changes.

Are there any other details you can give that may help me replicate your issue?


Does it reply to you if you type @ discoball display help?


Let’s give it a go: :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems quite happy with its new name so far?


Hmm. What version are you running?

If I change to discoball it stops working for me, but if I change it back to discobot works as expected.


My test site was updated earlier today to 9f246e6969, so pretty much the latest version. You could try updating and see if that helps?

I’ll have an explore of the settings and see if I can jam mine up in a similar way somehow.


It seems changing it from the admin screen may have had a negative effect on the poor thing. It didn’t respond when I changed its name from there rather than its user preference page, and now seems to not like having its name changed at all. So, good news, I can replicate your issue. :partying_face: Not so great news, I’ve not worked out how to get it back on track yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I shall continue exploring, :+1:


Thanks for your help. I am glad you were able to confuse the poor thing. Let me know if you find a way to get it back on track. I’ve been chasing my tail for a while with no luck :frowning:


I have him working again. :balloon:

For this, I reset him back to ‘Discobot’ from both the admin and user preference screen (which did not make him work), and then changed his name from his preferences page and made sure to press ‘change’, ‘yes’, and then Save Changes. This has got him responding to a new name again. :+1:

I’m not 100% sure what the crucial fix is, but I’m going to try and break him and fix him again a few times and see if that reveals anything new. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got it working too, but I am not sure what reset it, either.


Running into this same problem - I can successfully change the “name” to REWPert, but I can change the @ name away from discobot or he stops responding.

Were you able to change both the username and the display name and have him still work?

It should be possible to change Discobot’s username to something else. :+1:

I’ve just given it a run-through again on my test site and it appears to be working:

I followed my advice from above and changed it on the /u/discobot/preferences/account page:

(And confirmed and saved again using the button at the bottom just to be sure)