Renaming discobot causes it to break


(Blake Erickson) #1

I just tried renaming @discobot locally and on a live site and doing so causes it to not function properly.

See the screen shot below to see what happens after I renamed it to @pizzabot:

(Alan Tan) #3

We’re caching it so it’ll take a rebuild for it to work.

I’ll look into maybe adding an AR callback to burst the cache when the username changes.

(Blake Erickson) #4

Okay I can confirm that doing a rebuild after a rename causes it to work again. But unless I’m doing something wrong I still think there are issues after a rename.

If I send a PM directly to my renamed bot it works great. But if I respond in a topic or in a PM to just myself and mention the bot it doesn’t work:

Message to myself:

Responding in a topic:

PM to my renamed bot (this works)

(Alan Tan) #5

Fixed in

(Alan Tan) #6