Changing Ownership on a Category Description

Some time ago I created a category for future use. Recently I met people who can actually use it, so I transferred it to one of them (“changed ownership”). However, the person cannot edit the post. I tried to impersonate them, upgrade their membership, to no avail. Should they be able to create a conference in order to be able to edit this topic?

I would expect that if the topic’s first post is ‘given’ to them, they should be able to edit it.

What do you think?

Are they staff? If so, yes, they should be able to edit it (though without ownership)

However, I think the issue you are running into is the Edit Window Period (post edit time limit). Chances are they are a normal user and that time period has been exceeded.


No they’re not staff. Indeed I think you’re right. I can kill the category and recreate it. Will report here…

Indeed, recreating a new category and changing ownership to a basic user works fine. Good call @cpradio!