No emails send for user system


There are no emails generated for PMs the user system receives.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Impersonate the system user, set an email account for him
  2. Set the system user to get emails even if he was recently active (i.e. after 10 minutes of inactivity)
  3. verify the email account
    ->until here, everything works. The authorization email is noted under sent emails, arrives correctly, and clicking the link sets the email address of the user system
  4. wait 10 Minutes
  5. Send a PM from another user to the user “system”

Expected result: after a minute or so, an email arrives in the email account set for the user system. There is an entry in the sent emails tab stating that an email was sent to “system” with email type user_private_message

Actual result: noting. Neither Emails sent nor Emails skipped gains a new entry. No Email arrives.

What would that fix: Having a working email address for the user system would allow the staff to notice that someone replied to a system message (e.g. the welcoming email, where replying to it is explicitely stated.)

EDIT (since I can’t write a new answer):
Yes, creating a new user “staff” and setting it as sender of all system messages is the obvious next step. Since “staff” is an ordinary user, everything should work. I just thought that I would report the bug before I did that. At least to me it is not obviuos why it is not possibly to send the PMs system receives out by email.

(Kane York) #2

You should set the contact username instead in the site settings.

(Régis Hanol) #3