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Hey there! How do I make posts from the @system account? I’ve been wondering as it’s our “Official Notice” account.

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There are two options I see here. The first is that you post something and then transfer ownership of your post / topic to system. This can be done by going to the post admin wrench :wrench: and selecting ‘Change Ownership’

The second option is to Impersonate system by going to https://your-site-name/admin/users/-1/system and scrolling down to the bottom until you see this


This will be next to the merge, delete and anonymise user buttons.

I believe that for this to work, your email must be in the developer email in the yml? (someone can correct me here if I’m wrong)

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You’re correct. You can only impersonate admins (including system and discobot) if your email is listed as a developer email in yml.

There is a third option although I don’t recommend this personally. You can post as system via the API by using an admin generated API key that is valid for all users


Thanks for your help!

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