Changing Trust Level Names and Permissions

Search for “trust_levels.” and you’ll find all the names.

Most abilities are hard coded and only a few can be tweaked via some site settings.

It’s not possible to “remove the possibility to invite new member with TL2” unless you override this line in a plugin.

That’s not possible either unless you add them via a plugin.


I found the text to change the trust level names, and they’re sensibly in English. But in all the admin screen dropdown they’re suddenly appearing in… Arabic?! any ideas?


Is the site setting allow user locale enabled?

If so, what’s the language on your /preferences/interface user profile?


No, I don’t think we’ve enabled that setting, and so there’s no profile page to have a language. We don’t yet offer a multilingual service, so everything is in English. And it’d be a different kind of weird if my browser were suddenly asking for Arabic content.

Part of the current weirdness is that this only seems to affect the trust level display string in the admin interface dropdowns.

All other text that I’ve seen both in the admin interface and on the forum is in English. It doesn’t seem to affect anything functionally.


You can now check out my plugin to change permissions of trust levels.
here it is: Custom Trust Levels

You can now check out my plugin to remove the possibility to invite new members to members with trust level 2.
here it is: Custom Trust Levels

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Hi, I changed the default name for trust_level_0:

But the slug of the group is still niveau_confiance_0: When I want to mention the group, Il would like the pseudo membres and not niveau_confiance_0:


I have already changed it in this Discourse Forum : but I did not remember how I have successed to do it. Any ideas ?

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After reading the message Add Support for Handling Spaces in Custom-Named Trust Levels in Their Group Slugs - #5 by JammyDodger, I resume the fix here:

The job Jobs::EnsureDbConsistency modifies the slug and we have to wait the next schedule.


@dax Jumping in here rather than start a new thread. We are considering changing all of our trust level names/titles. If I search in Customize>Text for, say, “basic” a lot of entries come up, some related to trust level name, some not. Same for the other TL names.

Question: is there a one-stop-shopping way to do this that catches all of them at once, or is search in Customize>Text the only way? I’m a little concerned about missing a spot or two by doing it the latter method.



The search in Customize > Text is the best way since the results will include both the core and the installed plugins strings.


Thank you @dax !!!

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