Characters changed to HTML entities on paste

Hello everybody. I’ve just pasted on textfield and this happens. Why? How can I fix it?

It puts “&#32”; instead of whitespace. Some characters are being changed too

It’s pasting HTML entities so that what you paste actually appears instead of being interpreted.

Use “Paste as Plain Text (Ctrl+Shift+V)” to paste and not do this.


Any way to set this as default paste operation?

If you’re on Windows you could use PureText.

That is odd, what is it being copied from? What software?

Anywhere! But that fragment is from IntelliJ Pro.


Yep, copying from idea always leads to this.

What i generally do is right click my text (in idea) and select “Copy as Plain Text” instead of normal Copy (Ctrl+c). (of course it happens quite a lot that i forget about this, so i have to delete everything and recopy… oh well)


It is very unorthodox for a coding tool to default copy code as formatted text. That’s a bad default.