Cheap Vps Needed

I need a cheap vps in europe, with docker support, swap enabled and 1 or 2 gb of ram.

Check digitalocean or linode.


We have had great results with Digital Ocean and it is much easier to run Discourse there, too.

They aren’t cheap! Vps from Contabo, located in germany, 6gb ram guaranteed, two core, KVM, good support for only 7.99 eur / month. I bought from them in the past , there were installation charges now removed.

I can recommend you Runabove, they have 2,5$/mo servers with 2GB supporting Docker.
See this thread for a discussion we had about the service:

Shameless Plug for my referral link :innocent: which grants you 10$ credit, so you can use the 2GB VPS during 4 months for free.

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