Classifieds categories

(Orjan Lundberg) #1

What is the best workflow for a classified forum part ?

Eg when an item is sold/purchased/exchanged should it then be marked as “unlisted” or moved to a trash category?

Or are there plugins?

How to allow a user to unlist it ?

(Michael Howell) #2

I’d probably use discourse-solved, so that sold items get marked with a checkbox.

And put a link to your Classifieds subforum to show only the unsolved topics, like

(Daniela) #3

Well, consider this plugin too:

A topic that has exhausted its function (article sold, changed or traded) can be archived by the seller (aka topic’s author).

(Janno Liivak) #4

My plugin archives the topic. I needed the topic to be searchable (for bulk actions) … unlisted (hidden) topics cant be searched.

So people would mark topics as sold/purchased/exchanged and category moderator would bulk-move them under archive category. The easiest way if you want topics to remain present but don’t want them to stay under trade category :wink:

(Orjan Lundberg) #5

Any new functionality here in newer releases ? :slight_smile: