Clean Discourse Installs

I’ve been doing installs for a few months now for clients. Have now done simple installs, multisite installs, and installs alongside php/html5 sites.

  • $20 single discourse install

  • $25 multisite (multiple web containers one data container)

  • $30 discourse with reverse proxy and LAMP or LEMP

  • $35 multisite discourse with reverse proxy and LAMP or LEMP

Clean Ubuntu 14.04LTS 64bit install
1GB+ memory single install
2GB+ multisite, reverse proxy, and both
VPS/DEDI with kernel 3.13+ (no openvz)
ssh access
domain with A-record pointing to IP of install.

I am proficient with all of these installs now. After ssh creds are acquired, work can be expected to complete within the hour.

You can contact me here or skype: pl3bscheese


I don’t know anything about average prices; aren’t your prices way too cheap? Even when multiplying by 10, that still would look like a fair deal to me.

(I’m from Germany)

I’d rather keep busy and volume high, than charge standard prices. These installs are very straight forward to me now.

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How about diff app containers, load balancers in front, and separate data containers in HA mode for PGQL?

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I think it would be cleaner and easier to have multiple stand-alone instances for this setup, no?

It seems what you’re looking for is two fold: load balancing and failover (high availability) service, is this correct?

I’m interested in taking on such a project, but have yet to really go there just yet. Contact me via PM and we can go over details if you’d like.

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I am just thinking in terms of scale, single forum, but LB’s with multiple app layers talking to backend HA PGSQL, not multi-site stuff.

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