Closed chat channel appears in the sidebar when browsing the closed channels list

Currently, my Channels list in the sidebar is empty.
I’ve joined general, but it’s closed now.


This general channel appears in the sidebar once I browse the closed chat channels list

This doesn’t seem intended if closed channels are not displayed by default.


Yeah, this certainly feels weird.

Since we also – strangely perhaps – still show the Leave button, you can leave the channel from the closed page to get out of that situation, but it is odd to have it appear and disappear like that depending on what page you’re on.

I’m guessing it makes sense to both:

  1. Not show the channel in the sidebar if it’s closed
  2. Hide the Leave button if the channel is closed

Alternatively, we could:

  1. Always show the channel in the sidebar, even if it’s closed
  2. Allow you to visit the channel in that case, but show a “Leave channel” button (similar to how we show “Join Channel” for channels you are previewing but haven’t joined yet)

What’s your take @chapoi and @joffreyjaffeux ?


Yes I understand the bug and we should fix it, although…

What is our value to keep memberships once the channel is closed? We could just auto-remove these memberships and that would solve all of this. The only downside of this is that if you close a channel by mistake then you can’t just rollback, we can add extra protection and warnings in the UI to ensure people understand the risk?

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I’m a bit hesitant to throw that away. I can see it being helpful to be able to temporarily close a channel for a variety of reasons and reopen it later with the same members.


Yes right, good point, I can see this use case existing indeed.

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I should have read the full post because I was literally typing what you had said here :slight_smile:

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