Confused about VERP, email bounces & additional setup on Discourse

I’m a little confused about VERP and handing email bounces.

I’m using Sendgrid and it all works well, but doing a little reading, it sounds like I need to set up webhooks on Sendgrid (easy enough) to inform Discourse about bounce issues.

If this is the case, how do I feed the Sendgrid webhooks into Discourse so Discourse knows about the email bounce?

Or is this not needed as Sendgrid does its own bounce/spam management?

This is explained in the setup guide:


Thanks for that Richard!

Another question - if I’m using say, SMTP2GO instead of Sendgrid, or some other transactional email provider that isn’t MailGun/Sendgrid/etc - does the webhook still apply?

e.g: http://your.discourse/webhooks/smtp2go?

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No, this only works for those providers that are explicitly mentioned in the documentation.

Legend, thank you!

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