Content of incoming emails shouldn't be deleted when the "Mailing list mirror" setting is enabled

Currently incoming emails go through a process to delete signatures, entire replies quoted, and basically any noise not part of the actual new message. While this is working well for the Reply Via Email use cases, for the Mailing List Mirror use case this trimming can be damaging.

In a mailing list mirror all content is expected to be mirrored. If actually valid content is trimmed accidentally, then not only the people receiving the emails will miss that content, the category serving as archive will miss that content too. This defeats the purpose of a mirror.

Incoming emails could still be processed trying to identify quoted replies and signatures, but instead of deleted they could be hidden behind a [...] button, leaving to users the option of expanding the full content.


Wait… that’s already possible by enabling the always show trimmed content site setting. Otherwise the trimmed content is only visible to staff. I thought you wanted to completely disable trimming of emails, because that isn’t possible at the moment.


No, the forward is being removed regardless of whether always show trimmed content is enabled or not. I just tested this scenario again, to be sure:

Feel free to test using our setup if you wish. We have got a testing mailing list with Mailman and a Discourse instance up to date.