Content of messages not showing up

I’m having an issue where messages aren’t showing up. When we click on the message title in the /messages page, I get to a page where I can see the title, but not the post content.

In addition, when I click on a link to the message from an email notification (such as the (click for more details) or Visit Message button), the top menu completely disappears.

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I have seen errors like this in the past which are usually related to some problem theme or plugin.

Can you try in safe-mode?

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It worked in safe mode!

The theme components and plug-ins we currently have are

  • checklist plugin
  • Blog Post Styling
  • DiscoTOC
  • discourse-category-banners
  • Discourse Kanban
  • Shroud subcategories
  • Tag Icons
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I recommend a process of trial and error here, start by trying no themes and theme components. If that fails then it is one of the plugins.

Also highly recommend you upgrade everything to latest prior to going down this adventure.


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