Post content not showing up

everything’s updated:

but, when you visit a post, you don’t actually see the post content:

you see the title but nothing after it.


so, i turned off all of the themes in admin, just leaving these two:

but, it doesn’t seem like a theme issue… help?

Looks like an issue with the retort plugin, I can see an error in the console

content appears when in safe mode


The default theme can be modified too, create a new theme based on the light colour scheme and try that.

It works using safe-mode:

It’s likely to be a plugin.

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Ah. I think the problem is that I get confused about those check-boxes in safe-mode. I thought that I’d disabled the current theme and left the plugins, but instead, I kept the theme and removed the plugins.

@8BIT. I’m removing the plugin now. You’ll be back up in a few minutes.


Whoot. Thanks! Appreciate the support!!

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That sounds like the plugin broke because of the Lodash update.


Should be fixed by:


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