Convert Disourse into a native mobile app / send push notification

Hello Discourses!

Just sharing a tool for those who are looking for solution to turn their Discourse forum into a native mobile app and integrate features like Push Notification, file upload, geolocation, own logo splash screen., is a nocode solution used by Bubble, Glide, Webflow and shopify users. We believe Discourse could be interested as well. I am myself a Discourse enthusiast and would love to publish it on Play and app stores.

N/B: Push notification features is based on One Signal which means that your can sen push to all users only. We do append the PlayerID of individuals in the URL so you could explore this option with Discourse in the future.

Please know more about the service on: Documentation
You also can reach me directly on this forum :slight_smile:



Just out of curiosity, how does your product compare to Lexicon?


Lexicon seems to be a react native based mobile app which means it requires some programming skills and compilation with an IDE, Android Studio and xCode.

The difference is that Nativator is a cloud based Nocode solution which gets you to the app stores without technical barriers in shorter time.


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Oh, so any application built with Nativator runs in the cloud?

Sorry, I’m just a little confused by what you mean. It’s been a long day… :sweat_smile:

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No, the process of the conversion is done on cloud as opposed to using an open source code which requires a desktop and all necessary softwares :smiley:

You will get the APK and AAB files ready for publishing (Android) or a seamlessly uploaded build to your developer account (iOS).