Could someone install the Patron Plugin for me PAID

Install the Patreon Plugin
Time - soon as possible
The budget I have no idea. Just let me know what it costs

If you have a Standard Docker install that’s functioning properly, I’ll install (not configure, but install) it for $100 (See Discourse Plugin Install – Literate Computing, LLC). If you need configuration help contact me directly and we can work something out.


Hi Thanks for the quote. I got it installed on two sites for $7.00 on fiver. He also does a full install of discourse for $7.00. I was online with him whilst he did it. OK he is in india but he is an expert at doing what he does. Given the amount of time he took. $50-75 for a person in USA I feel would have been acceptable. But $100.00 for what was 15 mins work is a bit steep. (But hey its YOUR time and YOU get to choose what you want. I respect that)

Many thanks for taking the time to get back to me. - appreciated.