Creating a community culture of marking topics as solved

I think there’s already some built-in features which encourage users in this regard. Extending that to an email notification might be an option, particularly to the owner of a topic, but I can see that fatiguing many users – I would personally ignore the messages

I’m not sure if this means 75% are marked by members, or not marked solved at all, but from context I’ll assume it means 75% are not marked solved.

I wonder if staff doing this work is part of the problem. I can’t remember the last time I marked something solved on our instance; by contrast I’ve reached out and privately guided two or three users this month towards updating their own topics. It takes more upfront effort, but in almost all cases has far more benefits than ticking the box yourself:

  1. Most users will be happy to have validation from an expert “yes, you have found a valid solution now”
  2. It’s just ticking a box, so super easy for them to do(providing they have the time)
  3. Encourages them to explore and improve their ability in the platform(this often increases their curiosity of “what else can this platform do?”)
  4. They know how to mark their topics solved now, and that the owners of the platform value such behaviour

Ticking the box yourself is a quick and easy fix – but it removes an opportunity for the user to step up their game and learn how mark it solved for themselves.

Have you thought about experimenting with a few weeks of only reaching out to users about this privately?