Creating a forum available to any user with link

Hi there,
I couldn’t find the answer in the docs and hoping to get some help here.
We want to create a forum, that is available to any user with link. It will be hidden in the actual forum tree, but certain users that will be getting the link from us will be the target audience for it. I’m not concerned if this link will leak. How can we set it up?

Do you want to create a forum that will be hidden inside the actual forum? Do you mean a topic?

You can have hidden topics using the “Unlist” feature.


Is there a way to similarly unlist entire categories or tags?

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The only way I’m aware to do this for categories is to either use Groups to restrict visibility to a set of users, or perhaps use CSS to not render their display – the latter of which wouldn’t be much protection.

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Thanks. The latter might work for our situation. We’re trying to avoid groups as the number of users we want to grant access to our category will grow very rapidly.

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For repetitive tasks the solution is automation.

You can automate group membership using Single Sign On or the Discourse API.


Don’t know your use case exactly, but you could set up the group so it could be community-managed with multiple owners, who could then review applications for membership that folks could request. This is all possible out of the box.