Cryptic errors in error log

My error log is being filled up every day with instances of the following warnings

[PrettyText] Deprecation notice: whiteList has been replaced with allowList [deprecated since Discourse 2.6.0.beta.4] [removal in Discourse 2.7.0] [deprecation id: discourse.markdown-it.whitelist]

Deprecation notice: SiteSetting.enable_personal_messages has been deprecated. Please use SiteSetting.personal_message_enabled_groups instead. (removal in Discourse 3.0) At /var/www/discourse/lib/

Deprecation notice: SiteSetting.secure_media has been deprecated. Please use SiteSetting.secure_uploads instead. (removal in Discourse 3.0) At /var/www/discourse/lib/site_setting_extension.rb:199

How do I prevent these errors from recurring?

My forum is running under Discourse 3.1.0.beta2


Hi Paul :slight_smile:

These are not errors, but rather warnings. They won’t prevent your site or some feature from working.

They may come from Discourse, theme/components or plugins which have parts of code that don’t use new methods or variable names (but the older ones are still working). Nothing to worry about.

Just remember to keep your forum up-to-date from time to time (these messages will go away at some point in the future when the code is updated) :slight_smile:

edit: it was also a duplicate of Deprecation notices after upgrading to 2.9.0beta10 - #2 by pfaffman

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