Font awesome class not showing on new badge creation

I’ve created a couple of small custom badges, with links to appropriately defined FA classes. I’m pulling class names directly from the cheat sheet. They seem to appear at some point, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to me.

They’re not failing, per se; it feels like a caching thing. Created two yesterday, nothing, then today after I updated Discourse they showed. Is this just something that takes time?

For performance reasons we need to rebuild a SVG sprite when you add icons to badges. They should just “automatically” work.

Are you using our official Discourse Docker image?

fyi @pmusaraj


I am yes. Pretty much out of the box installation, with the exception of SSO.

The last couple of badges I made yesterday showed immediately, so I’m wondering if the update didn’t fix the issue. Will update if it persists.


Yep, still persisting.

Just created badge “Voice of Reason” using “yin-yang” FA class.

Badge setup page.

Will update when the image displays.

Hmm… so you don’t see the icon even after refreshing the page? I can’t reproduce this in a test instance, the icon shows fine for me:

Alright, looks like a hard refresh did it. Excellent. I suspected caching. Thank you!


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