Custom permalinks not resolving in Hamburger Menu

I added a custom permalink to simplify the URL for an additional Guideline page - creating a topic link for my chosen page

/usernames to redirect to topicID 103

The permalink works fine if you type the new URL into the browser as you are redirected to the correct topic

I then added a short script to the </HEAD> section of the CSS/HTML customisation (as per this suggestion) which does, indeed, put the new link in the Hamburger menu with the chosen URL

However, clicking on this link loads the link page, but the site no longer resolves the custom permalink, so I get a Page Not Found error

If you then refresh the page, it works.

Is there a reason that loading a page via the menu does not resolve the permalink?

Wait, why use a permalink there, why not directly link to your desired destination?

indeed - I could fix this by linking to the topic directly in the menu but the issue would persist for those who do need permalinks to work (e.g. for links off the site), no?

The reason I am doing this is so I use a single, clear URL for this page as I am trying to find a workaround for creating another page similar to /faq & /tos that would show some additional guidelines on an (apparently) static page.

I’ve not resolved that latter issue yet, but this issue came up as I’m working through it, so letting you know

This was actually already discussed here:


OK, thanks - failed to find in searches as I’m not ‘techy’ enough to use the term ‘normalization’ :slight_smile:

I sot of see the reason for this and I will fix my menu link for now and reconsider my approach to this page … it would really help to have a way to add more pages, but I realise that this is a separate thread.

Investigations continue