Custom Sign-Up Page

Hello! I was looking at making a forum with a special signup page, I wanted to make the signup page require the user to use their Google account (Only allow Google OAuth) (as a form of ID - they would use their school Google account) which if their email was in the list of acceptable emails, then it would ask them to create a personal account through discourse using another email(that isn’t their school email). From then on it should have them log in with a personal account.

A bonus would be if it could also associate their school email with the different private categories their account should auto-join.

Is there any code for something like this?

I plan on running this myself through DigitalOcean.

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You will want to use this plugin in an appropriate Digital Ocean plan.

I presume your School google email is Something like

If you setup a group users who sign up with can have private categories accessible only by that group.


Thank you! Is there any way for them to add a personal email after? Their school account would go away in a couple of years, and I want them to still have access to their account.

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If you go to /my/preferences/email?new=1, it allows you to add another email. (Only works if you use the actual name, not my, which defeats the purpose)

You can also click on the “Add Alternate Email” on /my/preferences/account.