Daily Summary Feedback

Yeah… Bert knows what he wants to do and is rather determined to do it. :slight_smile: I did make a change to the @mention portion of the prompt, but it turns out it wasn’t even for that timeslot. :person_shrugging:

I’m regrouping for the 9pm edition. I have optimism…

This I have less control over. :frowning: Though hopefully it’ll be just 3 or 4 max, and only for the length of time the summary post linking it is ‘live’.


lmao, we’re already there :upside_down_face:


He’s obviously anticipating the email version. :slight_smile:

Also, I was not smart enough with the notification workaround.

I think the rest of it came out pretty good though. Let’s see if it’s consistent. :crossed_fingers:


I hope Bert can’t see me, that’d be kinda horrifying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bert’s self-promotion was my favourite bit about today’s:

(And the @mentions came back. :thinking:)

I’ll add an exclude categories and tags when I get back


I’ve tried to be more specific with him, but you should definitely cast your eye over the prompt when you get a minute to see if you have any tips. :crossed_fingers:

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The summary seems a bit too comprehensive for that goal. I certainly did have a burst of excitement the first time I got notified. But by the time I got notified for for the fourth time this weekend, I was significantly less honored. How interesting is my post really when there are dozens of other posts in the same summary?

Now that I see it was generated by an algorithm I’m even less flattered. It’s reminds me of this feature on LinkedIn:


It’d be nice if they were opt-in for the notifications. I’ve tried to tweak it for @mentions, but links will still send something. You can mute the topics you’re not interested in, which should help. Though the flip-side to them being opt-in from the get-go would be that you wouldn’t know you were being mentioned at all until you found them to opt-in.

That one was a big one (Daily Summary (5am UTC) - #9 by Discourse). It’s interesting how the same prompt can yield different results sometimes. I think Bert can be a little wilful.

I’m not sure how else we could do this without using the AI? :thinking: Manually writing up a daily summary (for three different time zones) would take up a lot of time. It doesn’t seem like a feasible option.

Does it work to mute the @Discourse user to get rid of the notifications?

I used to do year-end summaries by hand and it was quite a bit of work. On the other hand, it was a huge pool from which I could draw some very interesting content. 3(!?) summaries a day would be an impossible task for a human to keep up with. But maybe it doesn’t add a lot of value compared to just watching the Latest view? Are people reading it for reasons besides figuring out what the notification is all about?

You are meant to only opt in to the tz that is interesting to you and mute the other 2 or even maybe just mute all 3 if this is not adding value?

I’m loving the AI summaries, bit I also started noticing these “polluting” the linked-topic results. It’s not super relevant to know that a topic was featured in a summary.

Should we be hiding these links?


I’m liking the summaries too :heart_eyes: The links do get in the way a bit though. Imagine if my post had been selected by AI 7 times… It would be a mess however, I think there could be another option? Perhaps shrinking it down. For example

:link: Show more daily summary topics… :arrow_down_small:

This would be expandable by users. But then again its more work for something small… As you say the links aren’t super important :person_shrugging:

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Yes, we need a new per category setting for that, should be pretty straight forward

Actually I wonder if we should ever link to muted topics from that block?


I don’t think so.

The purpose of that block is Discoverability, right? I think it’s valid to say that Muted topics are not meant to be discoverable.

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can I add this function on my own site? Is there some plugin?

This is provided by a combination of the AI and Automation plugins. It’s the ‘Periodic Report Using AI’ script. :+1:


It works great! No notification, but the topic still appears in latest.
Could those reports be posted by a user, who is muted by default for everyone?

I don’t think you’d get a ping if you were Watching it if you muted the poster? I also don’t think there’s an easy way to default mute a user for everyone.