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You’ll have to forgive my confusion—I learned about this feature by getting a notification out of the blue. :wink: I posted Give an option to stop the bulk user invite process on warning (and make that the default option) and it got mentioned twice in the (thrice-)daily summaries. Meanwhile, it’s gotten just one response from a human:

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.00.43 AM

I get it. It’s the weekend and humans are only now starting to look at the forum. And I’m savvy enough to figure out how to mute the bots. But it certainly wasn’t opt-in for me.

Plus the mentions are so dull:

I mean it’s accurate, which is nice. But compare that to the way it shows up in Latest:

The only thing the summary adds is “shared a personal use case”.

I guess I’m not sure who is reading these frequent summaries and not reading the list of threads normally. If it works for those people, awesome. But maybe mute forum summaries by default?

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I think it is

So it is. Sigh. I guess the issue is that you still get notified if the bot mentions you or links to a topic you wrote even if it’s in a subcategory that’s muted for you. Carry on. :frowning:

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You can mute the discourse user if you don’t want any notifications because of the summaries

I can. But how would I know to do it without complaining here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

About mentions

Everybody here know better than me how to write a good prompt. That is something where I suck big time. And I’m totally sure the prompt here is a way much more compicated than shipped one.

But my version of the prompt stopped bothering users this very simple way:

- User Mentions: Reference users with **USERNAME** instead of @USERNAME because we don’t want bother users with unnecessary mentions. They already know what they have written. An example: instead of @Jagster use form **Jagster**.

Re-forming wasn’t enough, because it forgot it every know and then. Telling reason AND giving an example did the job.

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If you’re having it fake formats like that anyways, why not have it still function as if it were a mention? IIRC the current summaries are doing that:

(The embedded quote doesn’t work here, check the post/expand the quote to see what I mean)

Because posts, and those reports are just posts, will mention loudly everytime forum sees @user or there must do tricks to silence mentions. And plain username is much more natural form for reading. We don’t use @ because it looks nice and clean, but because tech forces us :smirk:

But those aren’t @mentions, even though they look like them :upside_down_face:

To me, it looks like manual usage of the mention class on links.

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Yeah. Sure I could form usernames to link leading to user’s comment/post in that topic, but why would I like to do that? There is already link to that topic.

I’ve learned one thing about AI. We have to tell things to it like it is 5 years old toddlers. Anything slightly more complex structure is sure way that it stops listening and start doing what it like :smirk:

That’s not what I meant. The way the links are formatted is as if they were a mention (Function identical to the end user), except they don’t send out notifications since they technically aren’t mentions.
I gave examples on how to look-alike them here:

Yes, I realized that. A link is a link is a link. It just doesn’t matter if I have CSS rule to forming that.and because this is question about a prompt I’m even lesser interesting if function behind everything.

But… there must always be a purpose. Doing thing just because something is doable is… strange. I can’t see any real purpose linking to profile, because a torum is not part of social media.

That’s why I’m totally happy when names are names and links lead to something useful :smirk:

I often remember profile images better than names. Therefore, the ability to access the user card to view the profile picture can be particularly useful.


I’m finding the consistency of the summaries a bit hit-and-miss. The last two have been massive, and the latest one decided not to include usernames for a lot of it.


Also it decided not to link to things after a while:


Bert went back to self promotion, lmao

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I liked that - none of those pesky mentions!!

I think it hit the 50 url limit


Uh, isn’t that the wrong topic?

Actually, how many of the links are wrong?

EDIT: Just manually checked, every single link points to the topic on being able to invite groups, rather than wherever it’s supposed to point.

I’m going to say ‘all of them’. Bert, buddy, are you okay…?