Dashboard message about Android homescreen shortcut icon missing

just updated my website and am getting this message, i added the icon but nothing happened.

After uploading a large_icon that is a PNG of 512x512 the warning will go away. You can also click on the Update :arrows_counterclockwise: to express it.


One thing that fooled us a bit was that it had to be an exact dimension of 512x512. We were a pixel out and it rejected it, or rather just kept showing the warning. Plus it seems to work ok with a .jpg for us.

@rishabh will improve the copy here, thanks for the feedback.

A PNG is recommended because this will be resized for every different device resolution out there, both in the home screen shortcut and in the big splash screen. Probably better to add a hint suggesting PNG here @rishabh.

However we will detect any mime type and serve it, if you are feeling adventurous.


We’ve updated multiple points of copy to hopefully make this … less … painful in the future. :face_with_head_bandage:


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