Manifest.json missing / invalid Icon sizes

I’ve added 512x512 and 144x144 icons in the Discourse settings but the manifest.json only includes one (incorrect) icon size. I have set logo url, logo small url, large icon url, apple touch icon url.

Resulting Manifest.JSON:

	"name": "Tallcraft Forum",
	"short_name": "Tallcraft Forum",
	"display": "standalone",
	"orientation": "any",
	"start_url": ".",
	"background_color": "#ffffff",
	"theme_color": "#ffffff",
	"icons": [{
		"src": "/uploads/default/original/1X/cc66cb57005592d19b25b66073b49c55ba020917.png",
		"sizes": "500x500",
		"type": "image/png"

This causes the Google Chrome PWA audit to fail:

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I know @falco worked on this a bit.


Did you set your 512x512 PNG in the large icon url?


Thanks for the swift reply!
Yes, I’ve set it to a 512x512 PNG.
This one to be precise:

This is now fixed, you just need to update to latest and we will unconditionally use the size of the image uploaded.


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