Debate / deliberation plugin

Do you know a plugin to do this on Discourse in a topic?

Source: CaptainFact

A column for argument “Yes for…”
A column for argument “No, because…”

this May be useful for debate:

  • A column dedicated to presenting arguments in favor of a particular position can be immensely useful in fostering constructive debates.
  • Such a column provides a platform for proponents to articulate their ideas, allowing for a clear and structured presentation of their supporting points.
  • It enables individuals to build a persuasive case by organizing their thoughts and providing logical reasoning behind their stance.
  • By offering a designated space for pro arguments, it ensures that the positive aspects of a topic are thoroughly explored and acknowledged.
  • It encourages participants to critically analyze their position, fostering intellectual growth and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Conversely, having a column dedicated to counterarguments, labeled “No, because…” can greatly enhance the quality of debates.
  • This column allows for the critical examination of opposing viewpoints, promoting a more comprehensive and well-rounded discussion.
  • It encourages participants to consider alternative perspectives and challenges them to address potential flaws in their own arguments.
  • By actively engaging with opposing viewpoints, individuals are prompted to strengthen their position through research, evidence, and sound reasoning.
  • Including a “No, because…” column fosters intellectual humility and demonstrates a commitment to open-mindedness, facilitating a more enriching debate experience.



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Can we have the same thing with discourse?

The job is partially done with this plugin; the only missing part is the debate section, with YES and NO columns.