Default admin doesn’t receive ‘staff’ or ‘admin’ group memberships at first

I have spun up a fresh self-hosted site on DO with the chat plugin and I can confirm that this also happened to me:

  • Installed using the standard install guide (editing in the Chat plugin to app.yml)
  • Registered admin
  • Completed setup wizard (first 3 steps)
  • Enabled Chat from plugin page
  • Added staff admins trust_level_3 trust_level_4
  • Refreshed page

  • No Chat bubble on screen
  • /chat/browse redirects to Latest

Other notes:

  • Only having staff in the allowed chat groups also does not make Chat appear for this admin user

  • Making them moderator does enable chat for them
  • After granting moderator status and then removing it Chat is still enabled for this admin user