Default categories muted setting does not affect subcategories

The default categories muted setting does not make any changes to subcategories, only to parent categories.

The default categories watching setting does make changes to subcategories though, not just to parent categories.


Can we repro this @tshenry ?


Just as an update, it was a bit inconsistent - changes took place with some subcategories while not affecting others. I deleted a few subcategories and added new ones in their place. Not sure what caused that behavior but that resolved it for me.

Glad to hear you were able to sort it out! I was not immediately able to reproduce the behavior described in your OP.

At this time, the default_categories_ site settings should only apply to the categories explicitly selected in the settings’ category pickers. Subcategories must be manually selected and are represented with their parent category in the list of options:

In the screenshot above, Suppressed Subcategory is a subcategory of Admins.

If you find that these settings are behaving unexpectedly at any point in the future, please let us know the steps to reproduce the problem!


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