Defer should not always jump back to the dashboard but the last page

I just discovered the “Defer” button.
But I’m a bit unhappy.
I’m on the “Latest” list, going through topics.
Then I open a topic and decide to defer it to later, so I press “Defer”.
But now it takes me back to the Dashboard.
Would be nice if it could bring me back to where I was, in this case the “Latest” list.

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When I try this, it takes me back to the latest page. Can you try updating your Discourse instance to the latest on the test-passed branch? Then try again.

No, I’m just a user, but it behaves the same here on
The difference is, that here is identical to Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse.
If you try it with Discourse Meta you can reproduce here too.

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Oh, I see. That makes it clearer now.

Tricky, but yes, we should take you back to your previous “list” page, if you just came from a list page.

If you were looking at #bug /top … and you visit a topic… then defer… we should take you back to #bug /top.