Defining a custom Title for a Trust Level

Hey there!
I’ve actually been searching for a bit and haven’t found an answer for this question, so I hope some people on here can help me out to sort this.

I’m wondering if I could change the end title of a trust level. For example, the trust_level_0 is set as “new user”. I’d like to change that to for example “newcomer”. Is it possible?

On another note, if I wanted to disable being able to get promoted to trust_level_3 without an administrator manually assigning it, is it possible?

Thank you very much for reading this!


Yes, custom titles for trust levels was discussed from the very beginning. This is not currently customizable but should and will be.

We had not discussed disabling some of the trust level auto-promotions but that would not be difficult, just stop checking for the criteria being met.

And… how do you do that? Sorry if the question’s answer is too obvious, I don’t code at all. And don’t see any option to do that on the “admin panel”.

Sorry, was describing possible future implementation, feature does not exist.

Ah, alright then :smiley:.

Thank you very much for all the answers!