"Delete Topic" tooltip is capitalized, but nothing else is

(Michael Howell) #1

At the bottom of a post, “post admin actions,” “edit this post,” “you’ve read this post; click to bookmark it,” “begin composing a reply to this post,” “privately flag this post,” and “share a link” are in all lowercase. “Delete Topic” is in title case.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Er what? Screenshot because I am not seeing this?

(cpradio) #3

I think he is talking about the tooltips on a post


(Michael Howell) #4

Should this be #pr-welcome’d?

(cpradio) #5

You will need to be careful, as it seems to be using the translation used in the Delete Topic button (admin wrench). So you don’t want to lowercase the translation itself.

(Saurabh Patel) #6

I can change this. The translation for this(topic.actions.delete) is not used anywhere else. Still I think it will be better to create new translation like post.actions.delete_topic.

What do you think?

(Stephen) #7

Translation formatting errors are going to creep in. When consistency matters it might be simplest to standardise using CSS (text-transform: lowercase).

(Saurabh Patel) #8

I tried to see if I can use the css approach but it won’t be possible currently.

Discourse uses a common button module and we pass the key for translation to it. If I change that approach, I will have to do a major cleanup for buttons which is not worth it for this change and most probably will break things somewhere. Also creating just 1 button differently to support this seems bad design.

I have created a PR with my approach of adding a new translation


(Saurabh Patel) #9

This can be closed now. PR is merged.

(David Taylor) closed #10