DigitalOcean Port Closed after Installation

Hello, I currently have Discourse installed on a droplet in DigitalOcean, however, after the setup, when navigating over to the website to register my admin account, it says that the server refused to connect. I also checked my firewall settings but my firewall is disabled. When I used the open port checker, it says ports 80 and 443 are closed. It seems like all ports are closed except port 22 (ssh). I am a bit confused since if those ports were closed, then the setup would’ve alerted me about that. Does anybody have a fix? Thanks.

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Hi @KhoiUSA

Did you install discourse yourself or used DigitalOcean 1 click app?

Could you ssh into the terminal & share the output of command

sudo ufw status

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Yes, I did use the DigitalOcean 1 Click App. Attached below is the output of sudo ufw status.

I am sorry, if you used the DigitalOcean 1-click app then you should go to DigitalOcean support if you have any issues.

We can only support the official Docker installation here.


It’s probably that you have your DNS wrong, but the standard install will do a test when you run discourse setup.

This has cropped up previously, eg:

In that case they had a much easier time moving away from the one-click installer, and following the standard install guide instead. :+1:

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