Disable Mailing List Mode for Certain Posts

Is there a hook into the mailing list mode that could allow us to suppress emailing certain posts, say posts from a certain user? Could it conceivably be done with a plugin?

We have a plugin that auto-inserts a wiki post, as the first post in a topic, whenever a topic is created. The wiki post is just a template and has no value when it is first created- it will only gain value over time. But creating the wiki post triggers a nuisance email for those who have mailing list enabled. Half of our group uses mailing list mode. (That’s unusually high, I know, but we’re coming from a Google Groups background, so there’s some inertia.)

The wiki posts are automatically posted by a fictitious user named “Summary”, so that’s the most obvious criteria to filter on.

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You could override the code that generates the emails in s plugin.

You might instead be able to have everyone set to ignore that user.


This works if I mute that user myself manually, so I guess I’ll write a plugin to make sure everyone automatically mutes that user.

But I’m curious how this approach would work- any pointers?

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Not quickly. It’s the same as overriding any method, though. You’d figure out what was generating those messages and override that to ignore the message if that user sent it. I didn’t do it in 5 minutes. . . .

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