Discobot: building custom interactive narratives

The blog post Who is Discobot? mentions as a possible future feature the ability to build custom interactive narratives. I’m investigating building a language tutorial, along the lines of content currently at Lang Belta (Belter Creole) Phrasebook - Memrise. Is there any guidance I should consider at this stage?

You may find this discussion helpful: [PAID] Integrate Amazon Lex Into Discourse Composer

Thanks for that pointer. I’m in discussion with the devs at https://github.com/digitallinguistics/ about how to best use their tools. At some point a more sophisticated language bot may be in the works, but at this stage, creating a simple tutorial with a customized discobot narrative will be hopefully quicker and able to draw in community involvement (e.g. we’re already customizing the existing narrative text via wiki topics on Discourse).

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