Discobot capybara problem with translation

When following the discobot tutorial in italian discobot modifies his first message he writes it in english and uses the world “capybara”. But the request for the user is to search for the italian word “capibara” which the user will then not find.


@techAPJ can you investigate this issue?


My guess is that they translated the text but not the trigger phrase?


Looks like the locale key hidden_message which edits the first post to add Capybara reference was missing from Italian locale so the first post was not getting updated at all.

I found a translation for that key written by @Dax from over two years ago and updated it with the changes Robin made three months ago and finalized that on Transifex. Also made that same change on GitHub:

Verified that the search Capybara step is working fine for Italian locale now. Feel free to update the translation if mine reads funny @Dax. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this in our notice @Emanuele_Paolini. :+1: