Language issue discobot advanced tutorial message

I use discourse meta in German. But the message about the advanced tutorial I received yesterday was in English. I don’t know why, I think it is not a missing German translation.

What I think is confusing is that if I do what the message says, the tutorial will not start, because discobot would just react to the German wording. Although he just told me the English one. I think this behaviour is strange. I expected the tutorial to start.


Hello, thank you for reporting this issue.

This is quite odd, as this particular string (the first one coming from Discobot in the screenshot) appears to have been translated more than 6 months ago:

@GuidoD perhaps you are familiar enough with the workings of DiscoBot to pinpoint the cause of this mismatch?

It might be a bug. It’s on my list to investigate and fix.


Here’s a fix: