Discobot suddenly pinging me because I edited my username into its first post


In the welcome message from Discobot, I’ve included my @-name so people know who to come to if they need anything. But as of last night / this morning, this means I’m getting a notification every time someone joins the Community and receives this DM.


I’m confused, because this wasn’t happening before. And I don’t think I’ve changed anything that would cause this.

Is there a setting that controls whether private message mentions notify the mention-ee?

(If not, I’ll just change the @-mentions in the welcome message to profile links. But I’d like to understand this first).


You should remove the mention from the greeting. Instead you can use like below which won’t ping you.

Mention [@username](https://meta.discourse.org/u/username) for help


Aha that’s an interesting edge condition cc @tgxworld but I recommend taking @vinothkannans advice, above, as the easiest and fastest fix.

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Yup, I’ve followed that advice and my notifcations are quiet(ish) again.

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I think that muting @discobot in your preferences would work. Not sure if it would have some unpleasant side effects, though.

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