Discourse 1.7 Released!

(Jeff Atwood) #1

Originally published at: Discourse 1.7 Released!

Today, after four months of work, we’re proud to release Discourse 1.7. Discourse 1.2 – Feb 2015 Discourse 1.3 – June 2015 Discourse 1.4 – September 2015 Discourse 1.5 – April 2016 Discourse 1.6 – August 2016 Official iOS and Android Apps Thanks to Sam Saffron, we released an Official Android Discourse app and an…

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(Dan Eriksson) #2

Great update! But I don’t get where I activate the new front page with both categories and posts. Could someone please help me?

(cpradio) #3

Admin > Settings > search for desktop category page style

(Holden) #4

Wow, what an update!

Congrats and a huge thank you to all involved.

(DiscourseMetrics.com) #5

Congratulations to the entire team and all contributors! Discourse just keeps getting better!

(Hans Martin Galliker) #6

Congratulation to this milestone!

Do you consider to distribute it via https://f-droid.org?

You would fit into this alternative software repository since it comprises only free, open source software.

(Justin Veenema) #7

We LOVE you guys. Keep up the great work! :smiley:

(Eoin Ryan) #8

Thanks all. Particular thanks for posting how precisely we can get to this setting; took a while to find it!

I’ve set it to Category & Latest, but when I click on the logo in the top left I still see just the list of latest posts. I had expected that clicking the logo would bring me to “home page”. I’m very new to Discourse, I’m not even sure I’m leaving this feedback in the right place.

Thanks again all, love your work!