Discourse 1-hour technical workshop

What would you like done?
We’d love to discuss in a 1-hour online workshop how to add an Alumni network to an existing course, and also validate our current overall setup—with someone who (really) knows Discourse inside-out.

A bit of background

We are using Discourse for a small leadership class. Right now, we basically delete old participants when a new class starts. But people told us they want to stay on, at least for the chat. Perhaps we can do that–building a growing alumni network while running the class.

Put simply: We’ve become pretty good at running the Discourse interface. We have ambitions to grow our Discourse community. However, we lack the in-house skills to shape our technical Discourse strategy and execution of any resulting projects/tasks.

Three workshop questions:

  • Is our current Discourse hosting setup optimal?
  • Could we build a growing network, while running new classes on one Discourse installation, e.g. by giving and changing access rights
  • How to improve our current Discourse environment even further.

We can provide details ahead of time.

As an output from the workshop, we’re seeking:

  • A clear understanding of whether our current network expansion plan is technically possible and what would be required to bring this to life.
  • Validation (or challenge) of our current way of working with Discourse, and tips on how we could do things differently or more effectively.
  • A shortlist of new ideas on how we can improve our current community.

When do you need it done?
We’d like the workshop to take place by mid-November latest.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
For the 1-hour online workshop: 400 USD
Any resulting work from the workshop to be discussed and agreed.


I am interested to take this up, I can help you out with your questions. Sending you a PM.


This is up my alley. I’m my former life I was a university professor who taught teachers to use technology in their classrooms. I’ll send a pm.


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